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Fireplaces are the surrounds that cover gas fires, electric fires or wood-burning stoves. Aesthetically pleasing, they create a focal point in any living space.

At The Fire and Stove Guys, we stock a wide range of fireplaces at competitive prices to ensure you find one that matches your unique style. We’ve been providing customers with Marble, Granite, Limestone and wooden fireplaces, as they’re some of the most popular types of fireplaces around. With our expert’s advice, you can have your dream fireplace professionally designed, created and professionally installed.

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Why Choose The Fire and Stove Guys?

Here at The Fire and Stove Guys, we’re made up of an expert team that specialises in fireplace installation, servicing and repairs. We’ve been providing customers with fireplace installations for many years, so we’re well-versed in assisting with log-burning stoves and other types of multi-fuel fires. Our Coventry showroom offers a real-life preview for potential buyers to view our wide range of fireplaces. Our displays range from contemporary electric fireplaces to traditional wood-burning stoves and everything in between. We also feature a selection of mantels, hearths, and other fireplace accessories, ensuring our customers can find the perfect aesthetic for their homes.

We provide various types of fireplaces, multi-fuel stoves and can upgrade an existing fireplace for our clients. It simply depends on your unique needs and whether or not you’re looking for a new fireplace that’s modern, traditional, electric, or gas-powered. If you want to browse, we have fireplace showrooms in Coventry where we display a variety of our products, offering a real-life preview for potential buyers.

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We offer a full range of services. Take a look at how else we can help:

Chimney Sweep

Have you got a chimney in need of cleaning? Contact the experts today to get it sorted.

Fireplace Servicing

It’s important to keep your fire or multi-fuel stove in good condition. Contact us for a service.

Fireplace Repairs

Are your current fireplace or stoves in need of repair? Our experts will soon get the issue sorted for you.

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Fireplace FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about fireplaces below:

The best type of fireplace for your home depends on your specific needs and circumstances, including factors like available space, desired heat output, maintenance capabilities, and personal aesthetics. Many homeowners opt for a log burnings stove, electric fire or gas fire.

Yes, now more than ever. They’re increasingly becoming a popular design element in modern homes. Fireplaces offer a unique blend of utility and aesthetics, providing warmth while also serving as a centrepiece that adds character to a space.